What People are (Quietly) Saying


“A Great Find”

Amazing cocktails, amazing bartender who clearly knows what she is doing, not insanely busy ever even when full. Great place to have a few cocktails and munch on some very good small plates. Once you find it, you’ll never forget it!



“I can’t wait to go there again.”

I loved the fact that no one knew that we were in there. The drinks and atmosphere were great. I tried the Absinthe and loved it. I can’t wait to go there again. I will take friends that have never been there before.



“So delicious and wonderfully deceptive.”

Fantastic experience at The Still. Definitely sit at the bar! The drinks went down a little too easy. So delicious and wonderfully deceptive. I ordered a Zenith which was spot on perfect for my tastes. I asked lots of questions and Tiffany answered them all. Ordered from the small plate menu and enjoyed. Music playing on vinyl…awesome! Ambience…amazing. Staff (all female)… on point.



“Glad to finally be in on the secret.”

This place was really cool. Glad to finally be in on the secret. Cozy. They served Chartreuse, so-no complaints. Looking forward to going back. Shhhhh…



“I’m very excited about the future of this bar.”

Excellent drinks. The servers are incredibly well versed in their mixology expertise. I loved the cozy but elegant decor. I’m very excited about the future of this bar. Cheers!



“Looking forward to going back soon!”

Looking forward to going back soon! Amazing drinks, yummy apps, and Sinatra on the turntable.



been there twice already and can’t wait to go back

Fantastic been there twice already and can’t wait to go back. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see the next drink list. It changes every two weeks.




“This place is truly inspiring.”

Hidden in plain sight… When you walk in, it’s like entering a different dimension…a different era in time…

This place is truly inspiring. The service is fantastic. The drinks are even better!

#best #speakeasy




“I had to order one more to savor!”

If you are in the “know” you will receive a phone number that you will text to reserve a table/seat. You will request a few times. Your reply will be the first location spot where you will meet a host who will let you know of the secret location. Photography and video are not allowed. Once you arrive to the secret location, you will have a gourmet menu of customized cocktails that change weekly. My guest had the Aviator and I had the Indian Summer drink. My drink was like a fall “hug” with chai blended. Such a tasty drink, I had to order one more to savor! I do not feel right to post more details, since it is a private location and private number. I hope you will get the information…it is a great experience!



“This place is beautiful.”

This bar is reminiscent of PDT, Williams and Graham, and other fantastic speakeasies across the country I’ve had the pleasure of visiting! Their entire cocktail menu changes every two to three weeks, and I love coming back every few weeks to see what else they’ve come up with. Come with a date after dinner at the restaurant and treat them to a quiet night with quality cocktails. This place is beautiful.
Ryne H.


“What an awesome experience!”

What an awesome experience! I travel a ton for work and have recently found myself seeking out a speakeasy in (most) every city I find myself in. The Still was an exceptional find on my travels! They are reservation only (you have to text a request), and once confirmed, you are given instructions to go to a specific location at your arranged reservation time…. Just getting there was exciting!! Once in The Still, myself and a friend were met by eloquent decor, and a laid back atmosphere. Our Mixologist, Tiffany delivered some of the best prohibition era drinks I’ve had so far. She was extremely knowledgable, personable, and quite easy on the eyes 😉 5 stars for the entire experience for sure! The next time I’m in town, this place is a definite stop!
Fletch D.


“Definitely going back!”

Definitely going back! I have never been to a speakeasy before but the name is suggested by the title. It is a place where people go to wind down and speak amongst friends. They create a perfectly paired cocktail of your choosing which if you are looking for a bar scene with tons of people waiting for drinks and expensive drinks cheaply made this is not your place. I would say this is perfect for drinks and food and the service is outstanding. Definitely going back!

Drink suggestions: amaretto sour, piso sour! (no alcoholic taste whatsoever).
Liz is super amazing as well and the hostesses took amazing care of us.
Amanda P.

The Still and the Rules of a Speakeasy

—Matt Russell, Special to Inside Tucson Business

In the 1920s, a society of speakeasies flourished with businesses bound on breaking the rules.

Today, the community of Southern Arizona bars inspired by the speakeasy is growing. But when it comes to the rules at one midtown joint, there are published expectations for adherence.

It’s irony with a twist at The Still, a Prohibition-style cocktail bar hidden behind a rotating wall at Vero Amore Pizza, 2920 N. Swan Road.

“Most of our house rules are designed to minimize rambunctiousness,” said Tiffany Eldredge, The Still’s manager and curator of its cocktail program. “We have created a setting for the enjoyment of craft cocktails, and any establishment attempting to do this in a nightclub atmosphere is destined to go down in flames,” she said.

Eldredge’s first order of business is to keep the volume of bar and table conversation to “a reasonable level,” and the house rules encourage patrons to “speak easy.”

“Our setting is more like a library and less like a loud and crazy bar,” she said.

Another posted rule strongly discourages photography, but the house will grant an occasional waiver if the subjects are “drinks and furnishings.”

A selfie-free zone for sure, thank goodness.

There are also posted guidelines that govern congregating by the bar. “No standing at the bar,” says the rules. “If there aren’t seats, we’re full.”

Other rules range from the prohibition of cell phone use to the house’s right to request guests to relinquish their seats 30 minutes after they finish their last drink. Inflated egos are also kept in check by a rule that prohibits name dropping.

“We know people too,” it proclaims.

Eldredge admits that these rules are more like guidelines, and that a general attitude of respect is all that she can ask for.

The Still regularly features eight craft cocktails on its menu… and mixologists are equipped to assemble custom orders if they have associated ingredients on hand. The menu rotates every two weeks with eight new selections, and, with thousands of cocktails to showcase, rarely has one made a return engagement.

One selection that Eldredge brought back was her version of the classic Amaretto Sour. The cocktail, which she says is “hugely popular,” consists of Amaretto almond liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice, house-made simple syrup and egg whites, all shaken into a “frothy, thick and decadent treat.”

Eldredge believes that the resurgence of the classic cocktail is driven in part by the popularity of television shows like Mad Men. She has even seen enthusiasts of the era don period fashions when visiting The Still.

But what is it that distinguishes The Still from its counterparts in the growing marketplace of craft cocktail bars?

“The speakeasy model can somewhat easily be divided into East Coast and West Coast styles,” she said. “The Still is very much East Coast in tradition, where there’s a meticulous and exacting approach to the craft. The West Coast style is more playful in nature, with a greater margin for things like infusions and foams.”

The Still is open on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays, from 7 p.m. to close, and reservations are required at all times.

To schedule a visit, guests must text their request to 909-6299 and await a confirmation with detailed instructions for entry.

Until then, get your selfies out of your system. For the record, Al Capone never shot one himself, so focus quietly on your cocktail and no one will get hurt.

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